Upcoming Live Events

August 2017

03/08/2017  Pizza Express, Kew

04/08/2017 Fleece Jazz with Odette Adams

05/08/2017 Vivat Bacchus  with Mario Castronari

11/08/2017 Bunga Bunga Covent Garden

12/08/2017 Bunga Bunga Covent Garden

13/08/2017 Lock and Quay with Tracey O’Connor

September 2017

09/09/2017 Lincoln Jazz with Odette Adams

10/09/2017  Vertigo Trio OTC Bar – Off The Cuff

15/09/2017 Black Swan with Odette Adams

17/09/2017 Upstairs at Ritzy, Brixton with Volver

22/09/2017 Stefanos Tsourelis Trio @Cafe Barcelona 

28/09/2017 Pizza Express, Wapping

October 2017

07/10/2017 Stefanos Tsourelis Trio Album Launch @ Jazz Cafe Posk

19/10/2017 The Cavern, Raynes Park with Shifty Little Sister

21/10/2017 Whitby Musicport Festival with Odette Adams

22/10/2017 Mascara Bar Late Set

November 2017

05/11/2017 Shifty Little Sister at the Kew Village Market,12noon

10/11/2017 Cafe Barcelona with Volver Project

11/11/2017 The Bull’s Head, Barnes with Katriona Taylor, EFG London Jazz Festival

14/11/2017 The Bull’s Head with the Stefanos Tsourelis Trio, EFG London Jazz Festival

19/11/2017 The Southampton Jazz Club with the Stefanos Tsourelis Trio

26/11/2017 The Oval Tavern, Croydon with the with Stefanos Tsourelis Quartet

30/11/2017 Odette Adams at The Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead

December 2017

07/12/2017 with Jana Vargova Pizza Express Shoreditch, London

8/12/2017 Vivat Bacchus  with Mario Castronari, Farrington

14/12/2017 with Jana Vargova Pizza Abbey Road, London

22/12/2017 with Shifty Little Sister, @ Scratchers, Godalming 8pm

27/12/2017 with Dave Jones Quintet at the Bulls Head, Barnes